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Unlock Smooth, Silky Hair with Brushing + Capillary Bioplasty System. The Chemical Free Smoothing from System from Professional

Chemical Free Smoothing System

In the realm of hair care, the quest for smooth, manageable locks often feels like an ongoing battle. From frizz to unruly volume, many of us seek effective solutions that don't compromise the health of our hair. Enter Brushing + Capillary Bioplasty System – a revolutionary chemical free smoothing hair treatment designed to tame your mane while maintaining optimal hair health.

What is Brushing?

Brushing is not just another alignment system; it's a compact solution tailored to meet diverse styling needs. Whether you desire sleek straightness or subtle waves, Brushing offers a customisable approach. Utilising exclusive actives, this system excels in controlling frizz, reducing volume, and promoting hair straightening – all without compromising the integrity of your hair. What sets Brushing apart is its compatibility with all chemicals, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing

hair care routine.

Chemical Free Smoothing System

Key Features:

  • Long-lasting Results: Enjoy silky smooth hair for up to three months with Brushing's long-lasting effects.

  • Formaldehyde-Free: Rest assured, Brushing is formulated without formaldehyde, prioritising your health and safety.

The Brushing + Capillary Bioplasty System:

Shampoo Brush: This essential component combines balanced actives to gently cleanse the hair while providing much-needed treatment for hair that has undergone thermal alignment processes.

Chemical Free Smoothing System

Conditioning Brush: Say goodbye to tangles and hello to luscious locks. The Conditioning Brush offers a nourishing treatment with high combing power, repairing and maintaining hair health while prolonging the effects of salon alignments.

Shine Spray: Elevate your styling game with the Shine Spray – a repair spray designed for flawless finishes. Experience intense shine, softness, protection, and a captivating fragrance with every use.

Leave-In 5 x 1: This multitasking marvel is your hair's best friend. From amino acid replacement for repair to protection against high temperatures and UV rays, the Leave-In 5 x 1 does it all. Bid farewell to frizz as you revel in effortlessly smooth, protected strands.

Why Choose Brushing?

  • Versatility: From sleek straightness to soft waves, Brushing offers versatile styling options to suit your preferences.

  • Hair Health: Unlike traditional smoothing treatments that may compromise hair health, Brushing prioritizes nourishment and protection, ensuring your locks remain vibrant and resilient.

  • Convenience: With results lasting up to three months, Brushing simplifies your hair care routine, granting you more time to enjoy your silky smooth strands.

Transform your hair care regimen with Brushing + Capillary Bioplasty System – where beauty meets innovation, and smooth, silky hair becomes a reality. Say hello to effortlessly chic locks that exude confidence and vitality.

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