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Invisible LA Weave

The Invisible Weave Method is a brilliant method. This gives me the opportunity to hide the bonds within the strips. Firstly I apply the bonds to the Hair, then the first strip is secured under the row of bonds. The second strip is placed over the bonds in a sandwich fashion hiding the pieces. When the strips are sewn in to each other and secured the bonds are hidden. When you lift up the weft the view from underneath is seamless.

This method.

The Invisible Weave Method will only work when applying double row of hair as it needs the two rows to hide the bonds.

Other methods.

There are other Methods of hair extensions and most methods can be intermixed so the end results are flawless.

With every technique of application you have your maintenance. It is very important that appointments are regular and taking the advice of your stylist is crucial to beautiful long lasting locks!

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